Monday, November 26, 2007

As found on Huckleberries on-line

You gotta love Dave Oliveria for posting snippets and bits of things he thinks will get the juices roiling in the regulars who routinely visit HBO at the Spokesman-Review website. I'll definitely post something that I find interesting to comment on. So, here is a sampling: Senator Trent Lott will be leaving the Senate before January of next year. Poster response: if he leaves before January does it involve his improving his chances of becoming a lobbyist sooner rather than later? If he leaves after January, how would that effect the outcome of a special election? My view: Senator Lott is a radical. However, it seems the man is seeing sweet reason as more of his fellow Republicans are simply resigning/refusing to run for re-election in 2008. Must have something to do with GW Bush and the bad polls he is giving the GOP. AP video, if you have broadband or DSL then you can watch a replay of the GOP suddenly having serious questions about sending funding into Iraq. What I find interesting is that the GOP actually threaten to cut funding now after tearing the hide off the Dems for wanting to find a way to end the war. Do bear in mind, that this cutting of funding isn't only about keeping the U.S. Military in poor gear, out in the desert and kept for over a year at a time in between too short rotations. It also supplies such private contractors as Blackwater and Halliburton. Both of the above corporations with deep ties in the GW administration have managed to do a lot to rip off the taxpaying citizen. So question, threatening to pull the plug that is now the decision being made by the GOP; is that pulling the plug because of the failures still of the Iraqi government to govern effectively inclusive of all Iraqi parties? Or pulling the plug because of the continual mess ups by those in charge of the private corporations in charge of rebuilding Iraq. We all know that the GOP wouldn't pull the plug on the troops, right? Dial up just ain't good enough to see what's on the net. So, printed news stories continue to be far more informative.

Now here's a whammy; seems a coach at Washington State University got canned and at no less than a press conference. Oliveria is all for running a headline on the front page. Coaches get canned all the time, how many get front page headlines? If I were deeply into sports, I'd probably agree with him, sorry to say this but it would be an ignored front page story.

Some news about Larry Craig and his losing office staff. The GOP got deeply offended that Senator Craig got his buns busted in that airport bathroom sting. So, they stripped him of official status in key posts that made him an "influential senator from Idaho." Because of that, one of his staff members ended up quitting because he no longer had the connecting job relating to one of the Senator's key positions. (HBO 26 November 2007

Following Veep Cheney's having an irregular heartbeat and finally going to the hospital after: 1. Spending most of the day with GW meeting with Middle Eastern leaders and finally getting checked into the hospital where his irregular heartbeat was finally given an electric current to shock it back into normal rhythm. I also read what was published in print version on about just how many health problems Cheney really faces and how much of a problem an irregular heartbeat can be to a guy who has gone through triple bypass surgeries, gotten some angioplasties, etc. What was just as telling, just how much viciousness poured out when Cheney was finally admitted to the hospital. What was just as telling, you could about count on one hand just how many defenders Cheney really had. runs its own blogs including commentary on news. Likely a plus from the time Katie Couric came on board. So, I put in a word or two and informed the few Cheney defenders about the GOP and how they behaved toward Clinton. There is no question that he had received treatment that was just as vicious and as cruel. Cheney wanted the power close to the throne, he can suffer the same slings and arrows that any American president can and should from the time of George Washington.

Nope, we don't do cults of personality here in this country.