Monday, November 26, 2007

I hadn't blogged for awhile.

Weather watch, heavy snow, truly the first of the season coming to Kootenai county. Expected to dump several inches on the ground in the Coeur d'Alene/ Dalton Gardens area. Found on Dave Oliveria's "Huckleberries on-line." Majorities of Americans polled by World Net Daily Service prefer Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays as a greeting for this time of the year then engage in a smack down of the Democrats who they say can't stomach wishing Merry Christmas. I am a Druid, it is Happy Solstice or Happy Yule. LOL! Put in a comment on Oliveria's blog, letting folks know that "Christmas" is a borrowed holiday, like many of the purported "Christian" holidays, having pagan origins. What is interesting too, that this poll comes out of a perennial political fascination with the "War on Christmas." That it would do the people reading this post some good to be reminded of the fact that Christians are making their own war on the holidays they stole from other faiths. And what is undeniably Christian, they also have serious heartburn with such as the tradition of Santa Claus, based loosely on the Roman Catholic St. Nicholas. And, they had been at war with the good saint (for giving toys to kids since the 19th century) since the 1970s.

Which now leads to this, Duane Hagadone puts on a darned good fireworks display every year at the end of the Yule parade and official lighting ceremony for his resort decorations. Watching the parade before the official lighting ceremony, a very good parade but for the radicals in the midst of it. Potters House Church featured Christ banging on the closed door while a family sat comfy and cozy in their living room and the guy over the mic screaming his condemnation of society even as he declared that he and his family would serve the Lord. There are always unintended consequences to sending this sort of message along the parade route. The door is shut to Christ because the people on the other side of it are shutting the door to his teachings. Just like Potters House Church aptly demonstrated. A case of look in the mirror folks. Nor can their be a bigger perversion than what the parade goers saw.

Notes: Coeur d'Alene Press, Readers Write: Jax Clay taking Senator Craig to task for helping to create a humongous deficit that is certain to burden even the great grand children. I'll agree. And the GOP whining about the Dems and should they obtain the White House and look at all the tax increases we'll be seeing. Question, how do we pay for the wars currently going on purportedly against terrorism? And I notice that for all the welfare given to corporate giants, nothing is cheap as to prices of goods on the store shelves and gas, oil and home heating are going through the roof. Tax breaks for the super wealthy have not translated into making life easier for the rest of us. Cal Thomas is loving the idea that Hollywood, etc. writers had gone on strike. And now is the optimum chance for parents to gather up a good book and begin reading to their kids. Nice argument for a change, if the parents themselves aren't having to work two or more jobs and actually have the leisure to read to their kids at all. Otherwise, Thomas puts down the media he must religiously watch in order to have something to carp about. Makes the irony absolutely hilarious. Also, how long did it take for James Pinkerton to come to his senses about the war in Iraq? He puts words in the mouth of some German guy Clausewitz who wrote the book on war. What it takes to truly win one once the major battles are over with. Quite literally, this republished columnist for Newsday let it be known that you have to have political victories before the war is truly over with. We haven't had those political victories in either Afghanistan or Iraq which argues that GW had most certainly lost both wars. Trudy Rubin follows up on Perils in Annapolis regarding any lasting peace between Palestinians and the Israelis. When, Hell, the Palestinians aren't even at peace with one another. Both columns undermine a rather gnarly letter from Phil Wichman who thinks the GOP are God's gift to the U.S. of A. Pinkerton in particular finally sees fit to criticize the Bush team for its political failures. Any GOP hopeful after the disaster of the GW administration will have a lot of baggage to overcome, if he gets elected. If, which I doubt. Can't be much leadership where a GOP guy like GW doesn't have capacity to lead a country out of the war he got started. Sorry about that.