Friday, November 2, 2007

In the news continued...

So, GW ranting to the Heritage Foundation became the posturing of a fool who acts like a 2 year old in an office too big for him.

"No Child Left Behind" that was direct government intervention into increasing scholastic standards (supposedly) for the nation's children. And a real threat to public schools if they didn't meet certain standards. Only as reported by a person extolling WASL (a Washington State scholastic test); it seems to have become a sham to make the schools "look good." As the readership of the Spokesman-Review were therefore informed by one Kate Riley. Shouldn't doubt that scholastic standards went downhill because of NCLB as schools nation wide seemed more concerned with keeping themselves in business rather than truly educating the kids. That is, if WASL can be extrapolated to cover the real consequences of "teaching to the test" as opposed to actual education.

On the rest of the educational front; a letter writer in the 2 November 2007 Readers Write of the CDA Press whined that because the NEA and the ACLU had taken over the public schools, parents should now stand against them.

Funny, (prior blog) Steve Smith complained about the institutions of learning actually NOT educating students to actually write (how about mathematics) or other necessary educational subjects.

(Frankly, I'd be more concerned, if I were a parent, that my child was not getting the education to advance himself or herself in the world than looking for strawmen to shoot down.)

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