Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Two issues for discussion

Glenn McCoy briefly tops the post as a guy who pictorially makes fun of a presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich who said that he once saw a UFO. Anyone reading this blog post raise your hand if you saw one.

I'll assume that McCoy thought he was being genuinely funny in making fun of Kucinich. However, it isn't funny to anyone who has seen bizarre lights in the sky and what those lights or strange metal objects were doing at the time they were spotted. So, eventually the UFOS land, then what?

I have to agree with Michael Barone finally when he wrote a fairly thoughtful piece on illegal immigration and what it means by election year 2008. Of course he left out a few things that Bill Mahr briefly mentioned--terrorism. The fact that we went into a state of panic post 9/11/2001. Well sure, because this country had never suffered such a devastating act of terrorism on its soil in its entire history. Where in a single day, terrorists killed an estimated 3,000 people. The second reaction must be, how do we protect ourselves and our turf. Illegal immigration doesn't only bring job seekers, it also brings a definite criminal element. Anything done on the behalf of illegal immigrants such as the DREAM act could surely benefit the criminal element as well. Where Gov. Spitzer of New York sought to give drivers licences to illegal immigrants, terrorists could exploit them as well.

So, the Democrats mostly have supported GW's desire to give illegal aliens jobs because they want the Hispanic vote. Some GOP have supported loosening the standards for bringing in cheap foreign labor on the behalf of their corporate backers. But the point that Barone does get at is simple, if the majority of the country is becoming outraged over 12 million illegal immigrants, it is out of a quite simple desire to protect ourselves (jobs, personal security) and turf.
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Interesting little tidbit about UFOs. :)