Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In the news

I watch KREM 2 news and CBS Evening News. On the 25th of December, I believe it was KREM 2 that gave us local news about a fellow who stands in front of a decorated tree, has a few packages underneath it, and goes onto announce that he makes it a habit of buying and giving gifts after the Yuletide. One reason, it is less expensive, the other reason, it is pagan to buy expensive gifts. When was the last time this guy took a look at the story of Christ's birth where the 3 wise men handed out gold, frankincense and myrrh? If it is pagan to buy and hand out spendy gifts on the 25th of December, then Christ was honored in a pagan manner at the time he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and was placed in a manger. Gold, frankincense and myrrh would have been the price of a king's ransom at the time Christ was born. By comparison, clothing that you buy on sale for 60% off prior to the 25th of December is no more expensive than clothing bought at 60% off the day after. Nonetheless, the local news team found this to be a "newsworthy" item.

Far more noteworthy, I have the program "Hello" where you can share digital photos and chat with people who sign onto it. About the only person I talk to is my sister. She is the only member of my family who signed onto the program and will at times discuss anything with me. She disclosed the fact quite recently that clothing sales that some dept. stores depend on for their end of season sales were actually down sharply. That was indeed a fact on the national news, such as CBS Evening News. The GAP was among the stores affected. There are a lot of factors involved, and 7 years of the Bush administration's domestic policies have a lot to do with it. I will buy clothes, but I wait for the sale prices to hit clearance before I select what I am after. It cost $80.00 retail after being made cheaply by cheap foreign labor. I don't care to pay $80.00 for something that cost $5.00 to produce (source: Thomas Sowell). Well now, why would anyone else care to buy cheaply made goods produced by foreign labor and there is no guarantee of quality. $80.00 retail price is a hefty amount of moolah for something likely to fall apart after the first or second washing. It wouldn't bother me for the local news and the national news to investigate clothing manufacturing where a lack of quality is a certainty.

Since I work in a retail store, that is a complaint about certain types of clothes that dissatisfied customers come back with: clothes purchased recently, washed once or twice and showing immediate signs of wear. Clothes are going to show signs of wear over time, but they should also hold up well to washing and not fray from washing as a result. Then there is most certainly a manufacturing problem in how the clothing is being produced. A government that will not support quality as it supports the business interests efforts at maximizing profits, will also allow dangerous imports under the business' brand name, inclusive of toys.

This year, because of GW's domestic policies that have benefited megabuck multinational corporations immensely, charity drives inclusive of the Salvation Army has suffered charity shortfalls. Toys for Tots as run by the U.S. Marine Corp. has suffered immensely. When people lack financial security they are no longer prepared to give charitably. The fact that this has made the news declares that the economy is indeed in danger of tanking.

GOP debates pre the primary season. Does it address the very real problems that people are facing where even charity drives over the holiday season are down sharply from other and better years? Froma Harrop republished editorial in the Spokesman-Review. GOP lack fiscal discipline. She explains why, and further even notes how thoroughly the Congressional GOP and the Bush administration wish to block fiscal discipline when it comes to the national debt and tax relief. At the same time, national debt becomes a worry about it tomorrow mind set when it comes to what the GOP and the Bush administration want. And only becomes an issue if it benefits the wrong sorts of people on the domestic level. IE most U.S. citizens. Tells you all about the navel gazing in this partisan political season. No wonder people are flocking to hear Barack Obama and contributing millions in moolah to libertarian GOP Ron Paul. They are getting tired of the politicians they hire not looking out for their best interests.

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