Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Congress stands up to GW

David Sarasohn is an associate editor for the Oregonian. He frequently gets republished in the Spokesman-Review. I applaud the fellow for bringing out this little gem, the Democratic (barely controlled) Congress is looking into curtailing GW's spying on Americans in the name of "winning the war on terrorism." It is about time.

This is going to be a fairly brief blog posting; I don't do global warming. But on the day of Holiday Cheer, we get the one note song from Mr. Dour himself, Cal Thomas. Who wants to call anyone who supports that man has something to do with global warming the new religious. Indeed, the new religious extremists. Well now, I could say of the market place that Thomas supports, those who don't want to be environmentally regulated, religious extremists as well, where the God is money. The God is profit and wealth. And when you couple the one with the other the fact that global atmospheres are becoming far more unstable, you get the right conditions for those "evening of the last days" scenarios as mentioned in the Book of Revelations. The guy with the weights and measures riding forth, and as "Christians" have chosen to portray him, a spreader of famine, well; who carries weights and measures anyway? The tools of the trade of the market place. And the market place being currently made up of people who just hate environmental regulation and new ways to cut down on energy use and practical means toward the U.S. having energy independence from the rest of the world... the list goes on and on and on. The consequence is a spreader of famine and the projections are that global warming is a means to that end. No, I don't do global warming and Cal Thomas doesn't do the Book of Revelations.

And finally, James Klurfeld writing about Time's choice to put Prez Putin on its cover as threat to international peace--excuse me, Man of the Year. Which, if you follow the news, inclusive of CNN's investigative reports, Putin really is a threat to international peace. Time seems to have recognized it as well according to Klurfeld. (Newsday) Well, at least the news media has. But the GOP presidential candidates in particular have not. Watching snippets and bits of the GOP presidential debate, they decided that Iran was a bigger problem just because GW rattled sabers at Iran over that country enriching uranium. However, before Iran can get from point A to B, they also had some international backing from no less than Russia and China. Both Russia and China blocked efforts at bringing Iran to heel. Anyone who'd care to be a world leader had better be informed as to the facts. Michael Ramirez cartoon did recognize the Putin influence in the Middle East and the potential for exacerbating instability in that region. As described, Putin as "Santa" and those representing various Muslim nations wanting a dangerous "wish list." Iran sitting on "Santa's" lap and demanding enriched uranium. Fact, Putin allowed deliveries of nuclear fuel to Iran in the last couple of weeks. Lined up behind Iran, were the kids, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia? Were I running for president on the GOP nod, I would not hesitate in a debate to state unequivocally that Russia is a bigger problem right now than Iran.

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