Sunday, December 23, 2007

The REAL war on Christmas

The work schedule had been hectic enough that I had not truly had time to spend working on the blog. Now cradling Spooks in my lap, I am catching up on some seasonal news... Remember the War on Christmas? Remember when "Christians" would get all huffy over the idea that sales clerks at various stores do not wish their customers a Merry Christmas? Well, in the news: KREM 2, the Coeur d'Alene Press; there was coverage of a series of vandalism such as struck in Spokane, Washington and the vandals went around trashing the holiday decorations. Or a food and toy drive at the Athol, Idaho City Hall being robbed and finally the suspect was later arrested; as reported by the Coeur d'Alene Press. Robbers also entered people's homes and snagged spendy electronic equipment, gifts and backpacks around, I think, the Post Falls area. Jack McCaffrey would say, the question of the hour... Stealing and vandalism take the joy out of any holiday celebrations. Why isn't there more huffing and puffing about very real acts of violation against what the season is all about. Rather than demanding that retail stores support formulas and symbols? And speaking of the above; why no letters carping about theft and vandalism that hit the hardest as we near that date for, the Mass for Christ? A couple of letters denouncing those who steal wallets from moms buying for their families, but no one whining about an in the news attack on people's yard decorations.

Jim Makovec writing to the Coeur d'Alene Press and published on the 23rd of December chose to whine that the CDA Press editors do not bury their "Christmas for All" in the back pages, of the press, the local section of the Press or the new "Tis the Season." His excuse about what he didn't like about it was all those generous folks who contribute to this seasonal program and in finding their contributions to the program getting front page news then see it as back patting. One point: The Press has been running this program for years and only now does Jim Makovec whine about this sort of coverage. The other point: A good percentage of Christ's teachings were all about helping the poor. Giving the poor front page space at least once a year would remind people that they are around and could always use help. So, Makovec wants to gag over that sort of coverage, does he? You have to wonder how he celebrates his holiday.


Kathleen Parker went to work on the people who give her a paycheck; the news media that makes the 08 campaign silly. A little reminder, Ms. Parker was in everyone's face with a YouTube depiction of John Edwards and his primping, she rattled off at the mouth over every little detail of Edward's primping. If she didn't want silly at the time, that would have been a YouTube video to ignore as she went on substance to discuss the issues and what she thinks about them as it concerns Edwards' stand. Which she never did. Originally republished in the Spokesman-Review on the 22nd of December 2007. As further proof of silly; a Glenn McCoy political cartoon depicting a guy at the bar reading the Time man of the year. Time puts Putin on the cover. The bartender, back turned, thinks Time is actually referring to Al Gore. "Time gives it's man of the year to a power hungry, ego driven socialist." (Man at the bar) "Al Gore's parents must be proud." (Bartender) If Al Gore were indeed "power hungry" he would now be in the race for the presidency.


My Yule gifts to me, Vampirella dvd (used) locked in at a decent price of 5.00 some bucks. Bush v the U.S. Constitution, cheap, at 11 cents.

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