Monday, January 7, 2008

Ahhhh, at last!

Thomas Sowell finally admits to being ignorant about something, hi-tech devices. He doesn't now recognize an on or off button when he sees one. I don't proclaim to be a computer engineer but I did learn long ago to read a circuitry diagram and create a radio in an electronics class. No, I don't need a book to find a power switch on the computer. Nor on a remote control. Nor on a TV. The only hi-tech device I wasn't familiar with was my cell phone of some two or three years back, and a couple of simple instructions on what to look for to turn it on or off and find the speaker and talk buttons, and I was all set. The instruction book was there when I needed it and I have used only the features that I actually want. Well, Sowell, all instruction books carry a page or three that tells you exactly where to go to to find what you need when troubleshooting and general guide of the device you are using, it is called: The Table of Contents. Sowell has that much problem dealing with the real world too.

Compare to David Sarasohn. His column was republished in the Spokesman-Review like that of Sowell. Originally published in the Oregonian. He starts off with noting the (old left) blog sites where those who created them wonder repeatedly, is it 2008 yet? Yeah, it is now. And GW, in his last year in office has finally decided to get activist on terrorism by making good will tours across the Middle East. Something he couldn't seem to do in his last 7 years in office. He delegated to the well-intentioned but totally clueless types in his administration to take care of the Middle East for him instead, like Karen Hughes. So, instead of stumping for who he wants to have become his GOP successor, GW finally, finally plays catchup on Middle Eastern diplomacy (don't we only wish). Given his brand of "diplomacy" only gave heartburn to the rest of the world in his last 7 years in office. Back to the Sarasohn column.

Sarasohn discusses the torture this country "doesn't engage in." With reference to the CIA tapes that were destroyed that purportedly depicted the very torture that "we don't do." He discussed A.G. Mukasey who wasn't clear on the "legality of waterboarding being torture." Even though Senator McCain got legislation passed defining that it is. He discussed GW issuing signing statements when it came to laws that GW didn't actually want to implement. He discussed what Ashcroft would not do when it came to surveillance against American citizens and what AG Gonzalez would not remember when it came to DOJ scandals. And last but not least, a Congress that has tied itself up in knots in an election year over FISA reform. I'll agree with Sarasohn's fact based opinions, it is 2008, do you know where your government is? What Lou Dobbs would have asked as well.

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