Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What's a "record snow?"

KREM 2 news discussed snow events of yesteryear with some old folks over what truly constituted a record snow. Kootenai county did get hit with a record snowstorm back in 1969. That was when looking out the windows of the house, you saw snow piled up to the level of the windows. At the same time, a record cold had set in where the temps had hit 30* below and that lasted for at least 3 weeks. I remember, because I was a kid when this real snow event had taken place.

Looking at Huckleberries on-line this morning, Steve Smith got tired of the over-used term of "snow event" and is banning its use from the Spokesman-Review. Well, the National Weather Service should restrict severe winter warnings to actual blizzards (the last real blizzard the area had was in 1969) and "snow events" or "winter warnings" to anything that piles a foot or more of snow over anything existing now on the ground. A couple of inches isn't "severe." As it is, it had snowed heavily enough overnight that it put at least 4" on the ground. It stopped for a couple of hours and then started again.

Also found on HBO, a fellow who takes his bible too literally and hacks off his offending hand and puts it in the microwave. He doesn't want to be bedeviled with the symbol of the beast. Note to fundamentalists; do you really want to be held responsible for this sort of outre' behavior? A disturbed guy reads the bible or possibly Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" series, takes such works far too seriously and mutilates himself. You were quick to judge video games and what is found on TV for the Columbine massacre. Literally, this guy turns to the bible as an excuse to engage in horrible behavior against his own person. What would his conduct toward his neighbors have been under the circumstances?

Wonderful, read the bible and self-mutilate.

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