Wednesday, January 23, 2008

David Broder targets the wrong person

Saw the latest Broder editorial today, and he lashes out at Barack Obama as a guy somehow wounded by the Clintons and therefore someone who can be wasted by a Broder style shark attack. Obama on the "defensive?" Imagine that! The Senator has run a strong campaign and where he has not come in first in early Caucus or Primary states, he has run a close second. I'd have to say that the Clintons were definitely on the defensive and feeling very threatened that Obama has run that good a race. From what I saw on CNN post the Monday night debate, the news media was making a big deal out of the battle of words between Obama and Senator Clinton. But no one asked why, did they, that Bill Clinton would feel the need to weigh in and grab the spotlight from his wife in also campaigning against his wife's chief rival. Did Broder neglect the "scandals" of the Clinton presidency? That a lie about a past affair with Monica Lewinsky almost drove Clinton out of office? Did Broder neglect to recognize his own editorial at the time opining that Clinton should be impeached just because he lied, even though what he lied about was of graver consequence to his family than to the nation?

Perhaps Bill would like to do it all over again, even if he has to be the power behind the throne. What Bill forgets, is that there are plenty of people, esp. Republicans like myself, who have a long memory. We aren't going to wish Hillary well as the first female president as long as she has a fellow tagging along with a semen stained dress in his history. Bill should throw in the towel, advice his wife if needed, and fade into the shadows.

Too bad that Broder made it all about Obama when it fact this 2008 election cycle has become all about the Clintons.

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