Monday, January 21, 2008

The latest in the news

Let's first start off with a Coeur d'Alene Press report that Dave Oliveria who blogs Huckleberries on-line for the Spokesman-Review picked up on and featured in his blog in the last few days. Eugene Marano, North Idaho district judge who allowed a very drunk, unquestionably disorderly and abusive to his girlfriend Haman released on his own recognizance; I'll add here, because of Marano's long time association with Haman's father, now retired Judge Gary Haman. The Spokesman-Review presents this initial report in an "In their words" published on the 21st of January 2008, the top news story on the list. Marano is quoted thus: It's all because of my respect for Gary Haman. Gary Haman and I go back 32 years. He hired me for my first job as prosecutor here. He also was the deciding vote in my election as an administrative judge.

One of the people posting to whether Marano crossed the line when releasing the son pulled an Idaho section legal code regarding the proper conduct of judges in cases like this. Yep, Marano had legally and certainly ethically crossed the line when trading on the friendship of the father to go soft on the son. The follow up, the son got fired from his attorney's job. Marano should now lose his.

Sighted, the new abortifacient that you don't have get the FDA approval for, in fact, you can find it on your grocery store shelf--Coffee. A study was made of coffee or general caffeine use during pregnancy and according to the findings, drinking coffee during a woman's pregnancy carried a higher risk of miscarriage. The study can be found at the web site of American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, according to the director of this study, Dr. De Kun Li caffeine crosses the placenta barrier easily. Also according to this doctor, it is likely to stay in the fetus longer because the fetus doesn't yet have a developed metabolic system. But that doesn't exactly demonstrate how general caffeine use brings about a miscarriage. While I wouldn't exactly know what goes on to bring about the premature end of a woman's pregnancy; I would assume that some chemicals typically coming from types of birth control pills can cause cell rejection between the mother's womb and the implanted embryo. Or that a natural cell rejection can occur where the mother has taken no pills what so ever. Or, if the fetus is itself so thoroughly defective in the first stages of pregnancy that it simply self aborts.

That is my best guess, anyway. So, coffee would have to do what to bring about an abortion? Set up a chemical imbalance, or create a cell rejection between mother and planted fertilized egg, or cause the developing fetus to become thoroughly defective. The study simply did not go into details. Now for the women who don't want to find themselves saddled with an unplanned pregnancy, drink coffee. Coffee is cheaper as an abortifacient than going to Planned Parenthood. Have lots and lots of teas and sodas, Teas with lots and lots of caffeine. Unless you are the type to dispute the latest scare stories that come out regarding the food you have to eat to stay alive.

Note to anti-abortionists, can you picket the store aisles across the country to try to prevent your neighbors purchasing coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate drinks and maybe candy? According to this front page story in the Spokesman-Review, reprinted from the Contra Costa Times, you'll have quite a task ahead of you to ban America's favorite and legal drug, caffeine. You will also probably lose.

We already know what alcohol does to a woman's pregnancy. We also know what narcotics such as Cocaine can do to a woman's pregnancy. This is a first for coffee.

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