Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Following the Democratic race baiting

Lou Dobbs had a panel put together for his Monday 14 January 2008 edition of "Lou Dobbs Tonight." I fell asleep during his 4:00 pm show and stayed up late night then to watch most of it. Of all the panelists who were present, only one really wished that the Democrats such as Clinton and Obama would get back to the issues that plagued the American people. I agree. Race baiting should be something that the Democrats ought to have left behind centuries ago. But given Clinton's sheer desperation to obtain the White House, I guess that race baiting her fellow Democrat is no longer beneath her. It also makes her less credible as a potential president. Esp. given the Clinton's track record on civil rights. Uh yeah, the civil rights that would make it possible for Barack Obama to become Senator Obama and then announce for presidency and actually win in heavily white Iowa. Any one with a civil rights background shouldn't find cause to race bait and indeed should discuss how she will serve the nation and can she do it better than her opponent. Anyone who would engage in such tactics has already lost the race for the White House. Roland Martin (on the panel) seemed a bit appalled at the whole thing. If you look at it from a Democratic standpoint, I can imagine that political division based on race would set back any Democratic hopefuls by November 08.

But, from a Republican standpoint, where conservative came to mean being next door to the Ku Klux Klan, finding that the Democrats thin veneer of "political correctness" quickly cracks when a white gets off telling a black how much better she is on all issues pertaining to his father's people. However, she isn't suffering from what Starita Smith says is not yet a "post racial" society. Because she isn't targeted as a white. But Barack Obama is in fact targeted because he is both half African-American and half white as well as being a Democrat. Unfortunately, it isn't now just the news media and the GOP likely to do so, it is Ms. Clinton herself. That somehow, being white makes you so much better than a black man at resolving his problems. That is supreme arrogance. We had enough of arrogance since the coming of GW.

We as a nation, no matter where we are racially, politically and religiously need to find a way out of this pit of darkness by finally working together for our collective future. As Christ in the bible was to tell his followers, a house divided against itself will not stand. While he referenced Satan and Hell, it is just as applicable to the U.S. today. We have enough of divisions, now we need to heal. Only that candidate that can offer the healing salve to this nation should be president.

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