Thursday, January 17, 2008

What Broder left out.

David Broder wrote a Washington Post column in which he found it fascinating how three different Democrats could define what they saw as the presidency and how they would seek to execute it if elected. Well, I would think that would indeed be a fascinating and certainly hypothetical discussion. Since no one entering the presidency is ever really prepared for it's particular rigors and in GW's case, special interests demands. Being what is basically the chief governor of an entire fractious union is definitely something that no one would be prepared for. But Broder didn't choose to go there. Instead, he made a few blurbs about former governors who became president, the last sitting Senator to achieve presidential status, John F. Kennedy. He also briefly noted Mitt Romney, businessman, Rudolph Guiliani, Mayor, Mike Huckabee, Arkansas Governor, Senator McCain commanding the largest Naval wing in his particular squadron. These all happened to be executive experience in Broder's opinion.

What got left out, GW was in business before he became Governor; he is also known to have failed badly in his business ventures and wasn't any better as a governor. Those GOP racing to succeed him; Huckabee demands out and out to redefine the U.S. Constitution according to "God's standards" when it comes to specific religious canon concerning abortion. GW in his last 8 years didn't think the U.S. Constitution mattered if it thwarted his ideas as to what a president should be. Huckabee thinks it can only matter if it is rewritten with his personal views of God in mind. Even God did not disagree with abortion or child killing if it was a lesson to be taught toward those who sinned. So, define, "God's standards." Romney in Michigan suddenly went from ideological to personal to gain a win in Michigan since he started speaking up jobs. But since he also made it plain that the man he wishes to succeed he would also continue the policies of and do them one better than his predecessor, GW had a lot to do with job losses in Michigan. Now basically Romney not only has to run against GW's past domestic policies but also be a critic of them. Guiliani is low down in the polls of actual votes taken and delegates passed around. If his being mayor mattered, he should right now be surpassing a governor or two because he at least knows first hand the need for national security.

The problem that Broder is having, he takes a far harsher look at the Dems and gives free passes to the GOP presidential wannabes. The Dems thrash out hypothetical what I would do as president, but all of them still concern themselves with the needs of the nation. But as Dobbs was to point out about both McCain and Huckabee, putting ideological wedge issues first and indeed above what this nation right now needs most of. And the people polled specifically on abortion? 61% specifically disapprove of government or constitutional involvement in the individual woman's choice over what to do with her body. Which puts any GOP presidential candidate at odds with the vast majority of Americans. It also says that the GOP wannabes want to continue GW's tendency to cater to a special interest base rather than recognize that it is a nation that votes.

What got me laughing was on CNN where there was no question but that a couple of GOP talking heads publicly hoped Senator Clinton would get the nod because it would put a GOP nominee into the White House. Well then, suggestion for the Democrats, don't nominate Clinton if you want to change the direction of this nation's future.

CNN and CBS news, former GOP member of Congress Siljander. Got caught up in an indictment using stolen money to fund Islamic charities with ties to Al Qaeda. So, why did we not hear about this investigation by the Justice Dept. or the indictment handed down until yesterday? I when possible keep fairly current on the news. I never heard this one until it became the next scandal to hit the GOP in the gut. This is an election year. Do politics work to keep these matters out of the press if it is an investigation that hits closest to home? Precisely, GW's tough on terrorism party? I can remember that GW did a lot of hysterical ranting in 2004 that elect a Democrat and we would all fall foul of the next terrorist strike on this soil. He did the same thing in 2006 only to see that people were getting sick and tired of wedge issues getting constantly thrown in their face and when will the politicians in Washington, D.C. begin addressing what we want. So yeah, the GOP representative turned lobbyist and now federal level potential convict for aiding a foreign terrorist organization could be a political embarrassment in an election year. A vote for the GOP doesn't necessarily mean that the nation's interests and security is at the heart of the GOP platform. --Romney on GW discussing just how much GW worked at "keeping this nation safe." A member of the GOP who works just as hard at undermining the efforts at keeping this nation safe. And just how long did it take the DOJ to finally put the long arm of justice on this dude? Earth to Romney, GW's policies have not kept this nation safe. That is why the states where Dems campaign, they poll better than the GOP. The voters aren't stupid.

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