Friday, January 18, 2008

The wimp for president.

GW had been back in the States for the last two days. "A Daily Show with Jon Stewart" cataloged a bit of his travels. Of course, we all saw GW making an utter fool of himself at various times during his travels in the Middle East. He treated his supposedly diplomatic trip as frat boy partying and the rest of the time talking up war. Quite a little disconnect from his stipulated mission of assuring peace in the Middle East. Two days after he returned, Jon Stewart showed televised clips of GW responding to a reporter's questions about high oil prices and what he should be saying to the Saudis about it. At that point, GW went into wimp mode. The reporter following up on his prior question, at that point GW went into the snarling tiger mode. GW has a strange set of priorities of when to be forceful. He'd rather go on the rampage against a reporter than use his presumed friendship with the Saudis as an advantage to the U.S. How very revealing. And just why should that have ever been overlooked? My suggestion then to anyone voting in the general election, ask whether the candidate of your choice actually plans on working for this country.


Speaking of would be presidents beating up on the reporters: CNN showed us Mitt Romney and members of his staff snarling at a reporter who asked questions of Romney concerning a lobbyist on Romney's team. It is the reporter's job to ask questions. The staff member decided that the reporter was issuing "opinions" and that he should be professional and keep his "opinions" to himself. Mitt Romney, starting early to tell a nation that just like GW, "Don't you dare question me, about anything! Do you hear?" Just what we need, right America?


Lou Dobbs happened to have a debate with a guy who didn't like Dobbs approach to global trade. No I didn't catch all of it as I was in the process of doing some laundry. What I did catch was that the fellow who'd accuse Dobbs of "fearmongering" among other things couldn't seem to recognize the difference between economy and short term benefits to the business' bottom line. A sound economy is when people who mortgage their homes can actually pay their mortgages in full. A sound economy is when U.S. Banks and credit card companies aren't calling for help from foreign lenders. A sound economy is when retail stores aren't reporting severe losses in holiday sales. A sound economy is when the stock market earns steady gains. The DOW plunged drastically by over 300 points yesterday. A sound economy is when the fed chairman isn't whining to the Fed gvt. for an economic bailout in the form of tax rebates. Global trade in which businesses seek ever cheaper labor in a short term effort to pad their bottom lines does nothing to help the economic situation in this country.

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