Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I did not caucus but...

Heavy snow fall kept me home on Super Tuesday and so I watched the elections returns for most of the evening. Well, Obama won more states on Super Tuesday last night and was still leading in New Mexico early this morning over Hillary Clinton. Only some of the states that Obama had clearly won were by thin margins, in others, inclusive of Idaho, by very wide margins. But get the bias of the Spokesman-Review, Hillary Clinton stems Obama surge. Yep, that is the significant headline, read the small type after the big headline and Obama counters with winning the most Super Tuesday states. Exit polling, Senator Clinton did the best among women and Latinos. Now the question is, how would Clinton as nominee hope to broaden her appeal beyond the obvious devoted base to not only get the popular vote but also to govern the nation. Obama, already has what it takes. As it is, while McCain won more states than his opponents, the Spokesman-Review is only more accurate in recognizing that McCain is only the front runner, but not by any means the presumptive nominee.

During Super Tuesday, heavy thunderstorms moved through the South and dropped major tornadoes through such states as Arkansas and Tennessee. By this morning the casualty count was at 45 with hundreds injured. The one candidate last night who acknowledged immediately the deadly storms, Barack Obama. Nor was he celebrating his triumphs.


Froma Harrop was opining on GW's 3.1 trillion dollar budget that proposes deep cuts in Medicare and the Centers for Disease Control. That basically argues, screw you seniors. And also says something about what GW really thinks of the war on terror, one of the bastions against biological terrorism would be the Centers for Disease Control. Screw you the American public who put me in office in 2004. Yet again, GW truly shows where his sympathies lie, and it is not with this nation. By the way, part of my paycheck goes into Medicare funding and presumably reimbursement. GW wants to break the bank on Medicare so that he can keep the fat cats fatter and happier? Does that mean that I am funding the people who certainly do not need more of my money? Froma Harrop opens the door here for some nasty implications coming out of GW's proposed budget. And that is why, folks watching their wallets when it comes to GOP fundraising, are also flocking in droves to support the Dems over the GOP in caucus and primary races. In only one state, did I see where McCain had actually polled better than the Dems, Clinton or Obama.

And here is the laugh of the day, an outside view published in the Spokesman-Review, on 6 February 2008, discusses GW's outrage over earmarks. Uh huh, earmarks passed under Democratic leadership, at least, but not under Republican leadership. Even so, the Devil in the details, his executive order doesn't even propose to begin until after he has left office. GW opposed to earmarks? Not really.

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