Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday.

Question: Should this die hard Republican declare myself a Democrat and declare for Obama? I haven't hesitated to engage in cross over votes before and have also never caucused before. And yet, I hesitate to do this. But then, my cross over votes have always been in the privacy of a voting booth.

Obama visited Idaho, now a Super Tuesday state, at least as far as Dem caucuses go in the last week. His visit was posted on Dave Oliveria's Huckleberries on-line blog. Which included, Obama saying Iowa and quickly correcting his gaff and saying Idaho. Brings to mind a long standing and funny beef of mine. P.C. Magazine once had a map of the U.S. that put Idaho in the midwest right along with Iowa and other midwestern states. Idaho is a part of the Mountain west and of the inland Northwest. Even Bill Mahar had a comment on Barack Obama visiting Boise, Idaho. The surprise that was expressed that Obama had actually drawn a crowd of 14,000 to the Taco Bell stadium. There were actually that many Dems in Idaho? he told Larry King. I don't know about that. But there could have been a substantial number of GOP, disgusted with the party in Idaho and disgusted by GW in Washington, D.C. who headed off to listen to Obama speak. And judging by the letters received by Jack Cafferty, the anti-Hillary tone continues to be very real.

In the news, Barack Obama raised more money than Hillary Clinton. Polls on CNN that put Obama in a statistical dead heat with Clinton. In the same news, Ron Paul finally got some air time from the fact that he raised far more money than the putative front runner John McCain had!. Wow. A real shocker for the news media that as much as they tried to ignore him, not only has he not gone away, but he equals Obama in fundraising skills. Letter to the Spokesman-Review, a writer complaining about 32 million being raised by Obama and where really does all this money go to? Again, watching CNN, ads, campaign frills such as buttons, hats, what not. Renting stadiums, halls or what ever to speak to massive crowds; signs for supporters to wave. None of that comes for free. No more than riding in planes, trains and buses is for free. Then there is the staff and renting campaign HQs. So, I am not aghast at 32 million being raised ahead of Super Tuesday, Obama needs that much money to run this particular gauntlet toward any nomination bid.

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