Friday, March 7, 2008

Average George?

Mike McKinnon of Spokane, Washington writing to the Spokesman-Review and his letter was published in the 7th of March 2008 edition Roundtable could have about echoed Leonard Pitts, jr's editorial about the same soon to be ex-president who has as McKinnon noted: 320 days, 9 hours and 44 minutes... presumably before the letter was published. Geeze, we only have to endure GW for that much longer?

Surprise, surprise from the Lou Dobbs show; for the first time the word "impeach" crosses his lips when it came to the U.S. Air Force awarding a tanker building contract with the partnership Northrup-Grumman/EADS. What Washington Senator Patty Murray had to say on the matter was that this country had an issue with "unfair subsidies" being granted to the maker of Airbus, but turns around and with this Air Force tanker contract hands off to the same European company a "trade agreement" that we had "trade issues" with. Bliss Bignall writing an opinion piece to the Coeur d'Alene Press on this same subject today; reminded the readers of the sweet deal between an Air Force contract and and the Boeing company. The Air Force procurement staffer and the Boeing CEO are now serving time in prison. Which makes this situation even more ironic. We want to "punish" Boeing and its workers for past sins. And in doing so, we want to ignore the trade issues we have with France. I can see exactly why Dobbs would begin arguing "impeachment." An example of a "Commander in Chief" who spends his time dancing awkwardly on the front porch of the White House in the process of endorsing Senator McCain as his successor not knowing the realities of the free world who's interests he's supposed to be guarding.

And the list goes on, It seems that almost
every issue of this paper brings another
memorable comment about the Bush
administration. Now Bush ("Bush enters fray
with shots at Democrat" Feb. 29) is giving
advice to Obama on foreign policy. This is the
same man who let the view of Paul Wolfowitz
prevail over that of General Shinseki with
disastrous results...

Excerpt from McKinnon's letter

Now to discuss Mr. Pitts' editorial. A Pat Oliphant cartoon described GW's apparent confusion over gas prices as Pitts put into so many words in his editorial. At the end of the Oliphant cartoon, GW is described as saying about the sun rising in the east, "the EAST??" "Is that true? I didn't know that. You mean EVERY day?" "Nobody tells me things." How telling. GW can step outside into the Rose Garden and see for himself from what direction the sun is rising. He depends on his advisers to tell him the facts of everyday life! As Pitts was to graphically put it about that "average Joe" in the White House, a fellow who is so disconnected from life that he can't really be called one of us. Well, he never was one of us. That was the delusion he loved to parade around in 2004, what Time Magazine bought into at the time about GW and his family. But as events since that time have proved, no he isn't one of us. He proves that he is pro-business but hardly pro-America.

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