Saturday, March 8, 2008

The immoral society.

There were letter writers who seemed to have an issue with one correspondent to the Spokesman-Review's Roundtable over the matter of prisons, our over reliance on prisons. Seems we must hold immoral people accountable for why we have prisons at all. And the victimization that the initial writer must surely get from identity theft and so on. Well, I'll certainly agree when it comes to people victimized by fraud and theft that those who engage in such practices ought to face the full force of the law. Because such practices do have a tendency to cause a lot of harm, a severe sort of violation in the abuse of credit cards, access to bank accounts and etc. that can truly mess up the individual victim for years to come. Where I work at my big box retail store, at least 1% of the customers that I offer an in-store credit card to either report identity theft or fear identity theft. My sympathies are for the victims, and yes, their victimizers should be jailed.

On other equally immoral fronts, America does not torture GW Bush proceeded to again make a lie of his prior statements. Fascinating, torture such as waterboarding is a necessary practice to "prevent terrorism" that hasn't to date prevented terrorism.

Heard on Lou Dobbs, seems American banks help launder drug money from Mexican drug runners operating in this country and sending their proceeds from drug trafficking to the tune of billions of dollars to Mexico. How? A special matricular (sic?) card first issued in Mexico, with the approval of the Mexican gvt where it seems that even Mexican bandidoes can employ it for their own perverse ends. Info as initially reported by the State Dept. So, what is the Federal gvt in this country doing about U.S. Banks undermining [for the profits] the war on drugs? Hmmm. There is no question GW had to know about this. There is no question the GOP knew about it. But that they would rather indulge in whether steroids get used in sports and engaging in the political fray over it. Drug use puts millions of people behind bars. Banks that help launder the drug money should face a greater and federal accountability.

Immoral societies should be recognized for what isn't done for the health and welfare of the citizens. Not all immoral types spend some time in jail, if they are in fact politically well-connected to the right political parties. And yeah, they should be legally held to account, if what has been reported on Dobbs show is factual.

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