Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nonsense on the national stage

Start off with the republished political cartoon by Glenn McCoy. Presumably this is a reporter who wants to know just how much Senator Obama would support abortion rights. And describes a "partial birth abortion" where the fetus is partially delivered and a scissors is shoved into the back of the head. Or the fetus is "left to die" on the table. The "reporter" then goes on to say, that he made it up. According to McCoy, Obama supports the fiction, what the "reporter" made up. Let me put it bluntly, I shouldn't doubt that to get the above procedure banned, there were plenty of Republican politicians who supported the fiction handed to them by religious activists that the procedure was actually practiced in the way they described it. The scissors were described as "blunt." Just how well would "blunt" scissors penetrate tissue? Even fetal tissue? That brains could be "drained" from the spot nearest to the brain stem with a vacuum hose. Yeah, speaking of fiction. But of course, McCoy supported that fiction very well. Now he wants to project.

After work, I was watching CNN and Rick Sanchez had some panelists from Amy Holmes to some guy representing the Bush White House as it pertained to a Rep. Steve King who of course didn't want to make disparaging remarks about a presidential candidate but given his [race], [father's] religious background, and his quickly withdrawing troops from Iraq. Barack Hussein Obama would soon have Muslims dancing in the streets. Of course the White House representative for Asian Affairs described Obama as "soft on terrorism" because he favored withdrawing troops from Iraq. Too bad the doofus didn't look a little closer to home on how soft on terrorism GW himself just happened to be:

Just how flaky do allies have to be before...

  • You finally notice that they made a common pact with the sworn enemies of the western world, Al Qaeda and the Taliban themselves.
  • They start bombing the hell out of the military and civilian populace, but
  • The government cracks down on pro-democracy movements.
  • They waste a pro-democracy leader in a successful assassination.

You can finally begin to express more than "concern" about the intentions of your "ally?"

No less than GW Bush on the questionable role of President Pervez Musharraf.

Barack Obama isn't in office yet, but to have these sorts of attacks from the radical new left will no doubt gain for him a lot of sympathy votes and Hillary Clinton will be surprised if she even wins Pennsylvania. You can be sure that the Dems who put the first Muslim into Congress where I believe he serves honorably enough, will be happy to coalesce their support around a fellow who only has a Muslim sounding name. But as for the "Christians" in Congress and the White House, what good have they been doing? Besides getting caught up in sexual and corruption scandals, that is.


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