Monday, March 10, 2008

This time the New York Times story can be believed?

James Carville was discussing the with Wolf Blitzer on today's "The Situation with Wolf Blitzer" concerning Democratic governor Eliot Spitzer regarding a NY Times report that Governor Spitzer is currently under investigation for taking part in a prostitution ring. James Carville's only response was well, "I smell a rat" because Spitzer has known enemies. Well now:

  • Just how many weeks ago was Senator McCain whining that he had been "victimized" by the same publication when he was featured in an article from the New York Times about the potential but only the potential of a romantic relation with a lady lobbyist.
  • Just how quickly did the GOP and talking heads such as Rush Limbaugh suddenly decide to crawl all over the NY Times for daring to impugn McCain's good character.
  • Just how quickly did other news media outlets inclusive of CNN decide that the NY Times had become the story instead of Senator McCain.
  • Just how quickly were political cartoonists prepared to lampoon "The Times" for trying to cast dirt on Senator McCain.

In the John McCain story, there were a number of unnamed sources and the NY Times was scourged for a lack of good reporting. In the Gov. Spitzer Story, there is a single unnamed source and the GOP want, even before the facts have come out Gov. Spitzer to "resign immediately." Yeah, Gov. Spitzer is a Democrat not much loved by his GOP opponents. And I have no doubts that with Spitzer officially apologizing without going into specifics, that there is something to this story. But do let us face some facts here, the NY Times hasn't exactly changed its roster of reporters since the "I am so smeared" McCain story broke. What I do have a question about is why now does the news media want to rush to judgment and find something "shocking" about the Gov. Spitzer story, when as is related, sex scandals in high places are a common fact. Politicians caught in them have managed to survive the embarrassment even as others did not. "Vitter" got caught in a prostitution ring and no GOP has demanded that he resign for out right breaking the law. What Carville could have said I smell loads of hypocrisy coming down the pike.

So, question of the hour, why is the NY Times to be believed today on the Gov. Spitzer sex scandal but not when it broke a similar integrity challenged story about Senator McCain? I guess one answer would be, partisan politics. Any others, comment, the blog lines are open.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Simply put, the Justice Department informed Spitzer last week that an indictment was in the offing regarding money laundering, prostitution, etc. and that he had been identified as client #9.

He did not deny the allegation. The NY Times was reporting on what the Justice Department had already made known. The Times got the information from a Spitzer aide after Spitzer informed said aide and staff of what would be happening.

Hope this helps.

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

What I find laughable isn't the facts of the case. Which are available to anyone and has been available on CNN since this matter broke on Monday morning. What I find laughable truly hilarious is that Senator McCain was probably and reliably outed from campaign 2000 as a fellow who was "ethically challenged" concerning the lady lobbyist; the GOP crawled all over the NY Times for not being up to approved journalistic standards. But even before (and this was reported on CNN) indictments have been handed down against Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the GOP, the news media outlets, punditry, etc. have been burning rubber on the road to immediately assign guilt and demand that Spitzer leave office.

Why is the same publication to be believed now, Spitzer and not believed in the last few weeks, McCain? The reporting was just as reliable and all of the above mentioned are suffering from short term memory losses. Now they want to believe the NY Times. Suddenly the NY Times is capable of good reporting. I never had doubts as to what sort of trouble Spitzer got himself into. I just have doubts about the people now trying him in the court of public opinion.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Got you!