Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A blogging we will go... part 3.

The hilarious ruckus about House Speaker Denney wanting to zing the Capitol Press corp in Boise over the fact that they did not recite the pledge had almost taken on a life of its own. Some of the HBO (Huckleberry on-line) regulars lined up to either express some sense of symbolic patriotism by arguing that of course, the press corp should just recite it. Well, while it would be nice that they did, it is not required that they do so. And certainly, if I were the House Speaker, wouldn't I have far more important matters on my platter than getting angry with the press corp over the pledge of allegiance?

Such as Rep. Bob Nonini's favorite anti-abortion (it is all about a woman's right to keep her child by coercing her to have one) bill. My take, anti-abortionists have been all about forcing women to have their children for about 3 decades now. So how better to hide their real intent on forcing women to be baby factories than saying that it should be against the law to coerce women to have an abortion. So the law can read instead, that the state can coerce a woman to have a child. Lucky me, that I don't have kids that have to suffer through this latest religiosity insanity.

Or the GOP trying to push a closed primary system. How socialist did they say they wanted the state of Idaho again? They don't want just any R. running or any R. voting. They have to be certified acceptable to the party before they can run or vote! Last time we saw such a political viewpoint? Try the Soviet Union.

Final news of Senator Larry Craig of Idaho as to his political career in Congress. Looks like "wide stance" Craig hasn't filed for re-election. According to Dave F. Oliveria's post on his blog. Can't come as a big surprise, the Idaho Rs. didn't push him through the doors and into abrupt retirement, but maybe funny man Doug Clark, comedian Jon Stewart and etc. did have quite an influence. Just how many toilet jokes can a man take?

Come May of 2008, Ron Paul being on the ballot, I'll vote. Got a place still to put a maverick hat in the ring for a radical sunagun. Anybody but McCain.

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