Monday, March 24, 2008

Blog Letter to Lou Dobbs.

I wonder if you ever do some editing Lou Dobbs, before you go on the air with comments that would ultimately embarrass you? I turn on CNN early in the day, and can watch quite a bit of news/chat/opinion long before I get to your own show. Not always does CNN discuss what your own show chooses to. As a result, I sometimes get amused by what appears to be the crazy uncle in the attic; give him an hour to vent, and then shoo him back up in the attic after the hour is over with. None the less, I like what you have to say most of the time. But today, I think you need some major corrections:

  • The Democrats in Congress were reported on CNN as wanting a new priority on GW's tax cuts. Precisely, that those tax cuts should be targeted for the struggling middle class rather than further benefiting the wealthy.
  • What you said was that the Democrats want the taxcuts to expire. Which puts you in the position of having stated a bald-faced lie. Between CNN's Newsroom, the media company that employs you v what you preferred to make the argument about. You begin to lack credibility in what ought to be called responsible journalism. You can't begin to report before you interpret?
  • I didn't see much of the Rev. Otis video, but I do note that again CNN Newsroom recognized that this Easter Sunday Service, Rev. Otis seemed to be comparing the former pastor Rev. Wright to Jesus Christ. What part of the video were you watching to argue that Rev. Otis was making Senator Obama out to be a victim? That was when you had that panel including Hank Sheinkopf on your show.
  • If it is embarrassing for Senator Obama to be associated with that Chicago church, then it surely should be just as embarrassing for Senator McCain to be reaching out to radical anti-abortionist groups in the mold of "Operation Rescue." The kind of people who surrounded the home of Terry Schiavo. Vying for their 15 minutes in the spotlight and drawing more attention on themselves than on the brain dead woman they weren't about to allow to rest in peace. Or the late Rev. Falwell who put flake Pat Robertson on his "700 Club" show.
  • Did it ever occur to you Dobbs, that nut cases and flakes can only gain traction in the world of politics as long as you willingly give them a megaphone to shout through? Even more so if they are "black?"
  • I don't know what exclusive circles you run around in, but I have met up with plenty of bigots here in the Inland Northwest.
  • Note to Hank Sheinkopf, I believe that Senator Barack Obama said that he would not disown the following people: Rev. Wright, his grandmother, the African American community. What you were saying began taking on quite a comic stretch of the imagination. You can't very well "disown" what is a part of your history. For all of my late father's faults, I can't disown the fact that the bigot he was happens to be part of my history. No less than a southern bigot. What his dad taught him to be. You can't disown it, but you don't have to be like that either. And isn't that only what Senator Obama is trying to do, if you would let him?

The longer you put the kleig lights on African-American nutcases, you won't be moving forward on the honest and responsible discussion on race relations that this country should be having. Dobbs.

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