Sunday, March 23, 2008


Watching CNN's "The Late Edition" hosted by Gloria Borger, I had to unpleasantly note just how much play she continued to give to the Rev. Wright flap. And how much the political team that joined her would argue that well, Rev. Wright is certainly going to haunt the Obama campaign esp. if he is the nominee. *Photo of Rev. Wright meeting President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.* Is Wright's only claim to fame or infamy that he can be used against one of his congregates during the campaign season? If Obama were not in fact running for president, Rev. Wright would probably not have surfaced as a "negativity" or a "vulnerability" certainly not to a man running again as Senator in his own state. Point of fact is, that Senator is already known for his anti-Iraq war positions. It didn't cost him a Senate Seat. Now that the news media has this latest bone in its Pit Bull jaw mouth; they are chewing it to pieces and trying to chew it to pieces some more. Hey you at CNN, can't you share some of this with the GOP so that they can use Rev. Wright against Senator Clinton or Senator Obama in November? Grrrrrrrrrrowlllllll! :) My take on the Rev. Wright issue is simple, the news media will beat this story to death to the Nth degree over so many days, weeks or months, that the voters will simply get tired of it. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who? The only people truly fascinated with the Rev. Wright flap are opposition bloggers and the news media. The rest of us would like to move on and discuss what is in fact most important.


Went shopping the day after payday, the day after I had put my latest batch of bills in the mail. And was cheered by the fact that one Capital One bill may have a couple of years yet to be paid off in full, but the amount to be paid is dropping steadily. Went shopping for bargains at Super One foods and Safeway. A little over $20.00 and I had brought home a fair amount of groceries for the house. --CNN has been discussing the increasing costs of food by way of what American agriculture is exporting and the shift away from staples such as wheat for anything that would produce ethanol. The increasing costs of shipping processed foods by reason of the increasing costs of gas. Spending about $22.00 or so bucks on 3 or 4 bags of groceries is only possible because of Super One's coupon specials over Easter. How much more will the price rise just because of gasoline prices? Seems to me this should be more of an issue that CNN ought to be urging the presidential candidates to address rather than focus on sideshows such as Rev. Wright. Indeed, Rev. Wright could be a real danger to the GOP if they use him as a negative ad when the race for the presidency really swings into high gear. The voters will be hurting in the wallets, hurting because they have been displaced by home foreclosures. Dwelling on Rev. Wright may satisfy partisan sniping, but it simply doesn't provide answers for politicians seeking the highest office in the land.


Now here is a scandal that could get great play. Veep Cheney is very contemptuous of public opinion. How much time did the panel on "The Situation Room" actually spend discussing this? A few minutes. So, I believe that I will give it great play. Back in 2000, GW Bush required public opinion to run for the presidency. And utilized it heavily. 9/11/2001, GW found public opinion to be highly useful. Public opinion aided GW in the run up to the Iraq war. And public opinion assisted him in winning against Senator Kerry during the 2004 presidential elections. Public opinion only matters when you can politically exploit it? Otherwise, if public opinion turns against you, that just means you can simply dismiss it out of hand? If the moral argument is that you are known by the company you keep, which a letter writer disclosed against Senator Barack Obama published today in the Coeur d'Alene Press; it serves as useful a reminder to the GOP that a contemptuous veep, hired on by the frat boy who engages in an awkward dance for the nominee that he has just now endorsed. That in politics, it isn't only a Rev. Wright who can make trouble for you; it can be a Dick Cheney. Cheney is actually far more politically explosive to Senator McCain right now than a former black minister to that Chicago church is to Barack Obama. Do remember, you are known by the company you keep has no partisan boundaries. So, a veep contemptuous of the American public. And the panel frantically trying to spin away that GW is only doing what he thinks is right as opposed to honestly addressing the fact that GW is only doing what he damn well wishes. As it involves the war in Iraq. Veep Cheney doesn't seem to think that public opinion should blow us off course as to events in Iraq. But, public opinion is what GW and Cheney needed to invade that country to begin with. You don't matter, until you do? I can see where will turn this into a very useful political ad against McCain. And what can he do about it, anyway?


CNN contributors inclusive of Bill Schneider expect Senator Hillary Clinton to keep fighting for votes and delegates to the Democratic national convention. The 24/7 news channel further expects that on this basis that the Democratic party will self destruct. So, what is a not so diplomatic way to say to Senator Clinton right now, "exit stage left." Even if you battle it out for votes up and until the Democratic convention to be held in Denver, doesn't mean that you gain the nomination. And because of your whining over Michigan and Florida (you kept your name on the ballot in Michigan so that you could raise a stink about how the "rules sucked" later--let's be honest here). You single-handedly give Senator McCain traction for gaining the White House and keeping GW's flawed policies for Iraq alive. And who is at this moment the more electable candidate in terms of states won, popular vote and delegate count? I do believe that he is your rival Senator Obama. The stark facts are staring at you, now get out! Or you will never see the White House under Democratic control. Which should be your real priorities? That the Dems gain a majority at the federal level? Or your own personal power trip?