Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scary things...

No, not so much Senator Hillary Clinton and her "win" in Pennsylvania. What this post is going to be at least partly about is the scary thing GW said this morning on CNN in New Orleans. I had been working on coding a web page for a while for my eventual news and religion web site. Then having finished the "Table of Contents," I stopped to have breakfast then turned on CNN. The stock market had taken a tumble. Gas prices had soared again to 119 per bbl. And GW was with the Canadian Prime Minister and President Felipe Calderon and while they were supposed to have gathered in Hurricane ravaged New Orleans for a "free trade summit;" GW decided to interject politics into this trade summit and accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being anti-American if she did not push through his Columbian trade deal like he wanted... Over in Youngstown, Ohio, Senator John McCain was trying to woo the impoverished to vote for him in November. Filipe Calderon of course, talked up NAFTA as how much good it had done for Mexico. Okay, Prez Calderon, so much good that Mexicans are fleeing northward to get some kind of work. The double whammy of at least 2 national leaders lying to the American public, is not something that can do Senator McCain a lot of good in November.

Now as to Senator Clinton's win. In any state where she has managed to "come out on top," she has lied, manipulated, appealed to raw emotions such as hatred and fear. Sounds a lot like the last 7 years of GW Bush. But where has GW ever been a "leader" when he engages in tantrum throwing much as he very publicly did this morning? And how is Senator Clinton going to be any kind of "leader" if she has to copy GW's approach to politics?

Over in Colorado meanwhile, some GOP member of the Colorado state legislature was getting his arse chewed on for saying baldly regarding a farm bill (I think) that would encourage even more illegal immigrants to come to this country as migrant workers. (I unfortunately didn't catch all the particulars on this so stay tuned.) What I know the man to have said was that we (Colorado state) didn't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants from Mexico... For that he was called a bigot. Problem is, most illegal immigrants are peasant who come here and the majority are indeed illiterate. For the truth, the man was called, "a bigot." And Senator Obama thought he had problems with the "bitter" statement?


Dogwalkmusings said...

I guess it's time to realize telling the "truth" doesn't resonate with the public at large. What's wrong with us?? Have we become a nation of politically correct Pollyanna's??

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Or we have simply become a nation that prefers our "leaders" lie to us because they assume we can't and won't handle the truth.