Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tales from the News Part 2

You had to love the spin from CNN. They were discussing the Pennsylvanian polls where in reality, Senator Clinton only leads Senator Obama 48% to 43%. Some weeks before, Senator Clinton actually had a double digit lead over the Senator. But after she began raising an unholy ruckus over Obama's "bitter" remarks, she actually lost a lot of ground in Pennsylvania. According to the CNN news cast however, she was "up" by 48%. But there was a significant margin--9% that were still undecided. That is by any measure a statistical dead heat. You can't perhaps count Senator Clinton out in Pennsylvania, but neither can you count Senator Obama as a dead man in this Democratic contest for all of his "bitter" remarks.

Discussing Robert Scheer, I'll offer one and only one disagreement with his latest republished to the Spokesman-Review editorial. Iraq is better off without the Butcher of Baghdad. No one in his or her political and moral right mind can ignore the 10s of thousands of lives lost because "President" Saddam Hussein chose to have a snit fit about his diverse countrymen. That being said, on all other counts, Robert Scheer is actually pretty much on target. Instability in the Middle East has caused oil prices to sky-rocket. GW has called as allies, countries, inclusive of Saudi Arabia, that both harbored and fielded terrorists. Because Dick Cheney was once head of Halliburton, without question, that company that has now moved to Dubai was able to rip off the American taxpayers to the tune of many millions if not billions of dollars while failing to uphold its contractual agreements with the GW administration. Robert Scheer is a columnist for Creators Syndicate.

When I read his column, my take was quite simple, Scheer had spelled out 7 years of GW treason against this country and our people.

Contrasting this with "Smart Bombs," both Robert Scheer and Gary Crooks were actually discussing the various sides of Senator John McCain. Senator McCain who suddenly wants to hug-a-love GW on his catastrophic foreign policy failures and from Mr. Crooks, Senator McCain who wants to hug-a-love the bigger the deficit the more I like it GW domestic policy. And how dare anyone propose actually demanding that the American people fork over the money to pay this country out of debt and return this country to some kind of national security self-sufficiency. That would mean raising taxes. Well, we can't run a country on the assumption that we have an endless credit card to keep buying stuff on. At some point we end up cutting something off that is essential to America because we can't afford it. Like infrastructure. Repaired roads and replaced or repaired bridges. A gas tax holiday as highlighted in Crooks column between now to Labor Day takes how many billions of dollars out of freeway and bridge repair? Not to mention the fact that those supplying the fuel reap a few more megabucks in wealth. And then it "ends" at a time when people will of course no longer need those roads and bridges that are definitely not safe to drive on. Reference Froma Harrop and some political cartoons republished to the Spokesman-Review. Without question, McCain appeals to greed as did GW during his tenure. So, when Wealthy McBaines decides to get in his chauffeured Rolls Royce to take a spin through the Gold Plate district where he meets with others whom he deems his circle of friends and associates, but the Rolls Royce hits a massive pot hole and busts a tire or an axle. To whom will McBaines turn to with his beef since he did not want to fork over the taxes for keeping the roads in excellent condition? But then, McBaines doesn't think about those things does he?


JeanieSpokane said...

I'm reading the Opinion page and LOVED your reply to Casey. I am awaiting your response and I bet it will be good!

JeanieSpokane said...

Forget it. Casey is not in your league and I wouldn't waste my breath on him. Love your blog!

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Casey King is one of those people who needs to be challenged periodically just so that he is made fully aware that he doesn't have the field of debate solely to himself and those who think much like him.

That is why I didn't find Rev. Wright to be any kind of shocker given how weird local writers to the editors and commenters on the S-R blog-sites happen to be. Got a few other sites you might check out. http//

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