Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unfortunately, Goldberg doesn't get it.

I am going to assume that Jonah Goldberg is too young to remember the 1980s. Well, at least his fantasy of what the 1980s was supposed to be like from the perspective of what he thinks Senator Barack Obama believes to be the 1980s in order to accuse the good Senator--based on a few remarks--of being in a time warp. A guy not caught up to the 21st century. Well, that is in a nutshell, Mr. Goldberg's Opinion.

Obama revives the '80s

Recent comments reflect yuppie-like almost Reaganistic mindset

Now let me discuss where Goldberg went off the deep end. Back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan campaigned heavily against the welfare queen. His following discussed openly "dividing the nation." Reagan supported a "free market" liberalism that guaranteed that the special interests of large corporations would receive a new kind of federal welfare and protection from "bad competition" from the Japanese. Yes, the yuppies were indeed the young urban professionals who saw the start of computer software and hardware coming of age, who helped advance the internet through its first infant stages, who certainly saw the internet itself as a commercial venture. I would have thought that there was nothing wrong with a "yuppie" as they were supposed to be the people who demonstrated that America still had the can do spirit in the new age of information. But now, Jonah Goldberg slams the "yuppies" of '80s lore by planting Obama's face on them. Was Goldberg himself a yuppie and wants to suddenly forget such a sordid past?

So what exactly did Obama say at that fundraiser that would put the ugly face of "yuppie" on his resume? Nothing, as far as I know.


Dogwalkmusings said...

You telling me Al Gore didn't invent the internet???

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

To the best of my knowledge, the internet was first cobbled together on a university level. When the internet grew in size to become global Senator Al Gore introduced legislation to benefit it and of course users of all kinds. No he didn't invent the internet, LOL!, but he did nurture its existence.