Friday, June 20, 2008

The Bush legacy

After I acquired my Gateway laptop around two years ago, it had been rattling around in my business briefcase for about that long, I finally dragged it out to recharge, use and hook up to the internet. So, it is from this computer that I am now posting to this blog...

Let us start off with a David Sarasohn editorial where he discusses the fact that GW opposes pay increases for the troops. How about that, we want to "support the troops" but not with much needed pay increases.

It seems the main reason the Bush administration opposed increasing aid for veterans to go to college was the fear that they might go. And then who would be in Iraq? "The last thing we want to do," explained Geoff Morrell, "is create a situation in which we are losing our men and women whom we have worked so hard to train."
How about that.
I really can't think of a better description of cannon fodder than that. Before GW insisted on invading Iraq, there were certainly editorials such as from Mr. Friedman who talked up the need to take out Saddam Hussein, but he asked at the time if Team Bush was actually ready and able to carry out such a war. Mr. Friedman at the time didn't think so. And has since been vindicated. For that, he has been labeled a "liberal." I wouldn't know about that. Since quite conservative people can be highly critical of GW as well. And Friedman didn't exactly strike me as all that "liberal."
Back to David Sarasohn, there has been quite the political battle between GW and Congress over the definition of "supporting the troops." Seems GW doesn't mind supplying the toys (rather belatedly)but is utterly opposed to the very idea that the troops ought to get paid what they are worth out on the front lines. Even opposing the very idea that post combat, the troops should get an education. — ad in which the woman is holding her baby and telling Senator McCain that he can't have her child for his hundred years of war in Iraq. So what was that again about the U.S. Military having trouble recruiting and retaining Soldiers, Marines, etc.? GW suddenly takes on the aspects of Mr. Scrooge.
And GW still loves to campaign. Every time he opens a flap jaw and lets fly, he overshadows Senator McCain and reminds voters yet again that in many circumstances they are more likely to vote against something than for something.

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