Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Presidential seals" and other stories

Here is an absolutely funny situation that recently got aired on CNN; Senator Barack Obama orders a "presidential seal" that he uses for his podium during his campaign speeches. When I looked at the "presidential seal" however, I noted that the only similarity involved the Eagle. What of course CNN did not mention was why exactly Obama would order up such a seal in the first place. Would it be because his detractors have questioned both his being American and his patriotism? So now they get just as hysterical that he displays the American Eagle roughly similar to that of POTUS. There is a whole lot more difference between the POTUS seal and that of the presumptive nominee's seal however. I am certainly not going to fault Obama for having ambitions. I am cracking up over the various reactions.

Kathleen Parker was absolutely hilarious when she talked up gender differences when it came to house work and raising kids. Women, in her opinion, were simply far more nurturing and of course far more prone to doing the house work. How about that. But since the study that Ms. Parker was siting involved married couples only, how about us women with no kids. The men who live as bachelors. The single men who have to raise kids. That's a problem for Parker as she tries to debunk a social science study over why there isn't more of a division of labor for married couples.

Let me consider why, my mother worked as a nurse until retirement. She was hardly a "stay at home mom" even after she had kids. We kids, I suppose didn't always expect to find mom or dad (Kootenai County Deputy Sherriff) home all the time or to be greeted with cookies and milk and a super clean house. My parents both worked to pay the bills and put food on the table. I expect that they were the hidden struggling middle class where both parents had to work to make a go of it. Did dad sometimes do house work? Yeah, rarely. Because I truly think he needed someone to pick up and clean up after him instead of his doing for himself. So in this brief discussion of my history, perhaps I can say that I am an exception:
  • I hate house work.
  • I don't care for kids.
  • I run a business.
So is the argument really not a generalized "gender argument" but rather of individuals on a case to case basis?
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Dogwalkmusings said...

You and I are cut from the same cloth!
1. I hate housework
2. I don't care for children
3. I used to run a business

and I have a husband who does more house work than I do! Probably more than Kathleen Parker has ever done!

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Got a response already. Wow. I've been playing with my laptop in the front room since connecting it to the internet. My other e-mail address: jehdruid@icehouse.net, for your convenience.

Dogwalkmusings said...

I have you in my book but it reads jehdruid1@icehouse.net. Which is correct?

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

jehdruid1@icehouse.net is the second e-mail address for my desktop. jehdruid@icehouse.net was the first e-mail address I had when my sister got my mother a computer and got an e-mail address for her. Because we only had one computer that could go on the internet, my first e-mail address was placed onto my own log on site on her mac. You can either use jehdruid@icehouse.net now that my laptop is on the internet. Or you can use jehdruid1@icehouse.net and reach me through my desktop. I'll be able to get both accounts. Also check out google talk. I signed on at my sister's invitation. Both of my machines have google talk. If you want to engage in more "face time discussions."