Friday, August 22, 2008

At the fair

Having the afternoon off from work, I decided to get some bills paid, shopping done and then visit the fair. I viewed what I had submitted for exhibits and from what I could tell, I had won mostly red and white ribbons, no blues. Still, not a bad showing for all of that. What I found interesting, while wandering around and dodging the square dancers and then getting a bite or two down at the food court, were little boys running around with "Indian headbands" and Bill Sali written in front. How about that, little boys who can play at cowboys and Indians and promote Bill Sali for Congress at the same time. I wasn't really sure what to make of that. But I thought it was a bit ludicrous.

Lou Dobbs, I watched him a bit before heading out the door and getting the bills paid. He was harping about all of the lobbyists and corporations who were handing out money toward the respective Dem and GOP conventions hand over fist. How about that? Probably been happening for years. The various corporations and their paid lobbyists have probably been donating to various presidential conventions for the simple reason that they want to get a foot in the door of the next administration. Mr. Dobbs would certainly have a very good reason to have whined about such a thing in 2000 and again in 2004. Well no, he spent his time hosting people who complained about Al Gore and John Kerry. He only produces a pox on both their houses when speaking derisively of McCain and Obama as agents of change or reform but who still allow corporations and lobbyists to foot the bill for the conventions themselves. So who would he have foot the bill for the conventions in Denver and etc.? The convention attendees — whoops! LOL! Which includes of course lobbyists and corporations.

Also on CNN, McCain making political hay out of Obama's over seas trip. Just how many people on the CNN staff bothered to remember that McCain wanted Obama to travel over seas? Give it a space of a few weeks and apparently, not very many chose to. Seems that they loved the idea that McCain could use the rave reviews that Obama drew among the Europeans to an advantage. Really? After 8 years of GW getting the protest vote, and you would think that it would be a refreshing change that Europeans could actually fall in love with an American politician. Then again, McCain couldn't seem to stand the idea that Obama could get a European fan club and for himself, jars of killer applesauce went on the rampage and almost tripped him up. And so, McCain ends up acting like a bratty two year old and of course gets his poll numbers up on par with Obama. Ain't politics amazing? Or is it just as possible that CNN and other poll takers decided to change whom they polled in order to get McCain's polls on par with that of Obama? For anyone who wasn't polled by CNN, etc. I expect they are plenty disgusted by McCain's antics.

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