Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama's wisest choice.

Witch On Broom Since the weekend, we all know now who Obama's veep choice is. Indeed a Dem talking head on CNN had already spilled the beans that it would be Joe Biden. I am going to leave it to the political analists as to what they think Senator Biden would bring to an Obama presidency. For myself, I know what Senator Clinton would not have brought to an Obama presidency. The least of which is that baggage called Bill Clinton. So, while there are Hillary supporters out there who are undoubtedly disappointed by Obama's choice, Senator Biden is already recognized for being a good hard fisted campaigner who will be more than happy to take on Senator McCain.

Just now on CNN, the news staff there proclaims that McCain has kept the focus on Senator Obama. Well, he wouldn't be quite so successful in "keeping the focus on Senator Obama," if in fact the news media, most specifically CNN wasn't doing a lot to help him. At the same time, CNN doesn't choose to give McCain the same scrutiny and that is one reason why McCain is now dead even in the polls. How about that?

DOW dropped over 200 points today. Gas prices have also dropped due to decreased demand. The Home crisis in this ownership society continues to have a dismal report. No light at the end of this tunnel as of yet. And GW's own polls, dismal. Where McCain rushes to succeed GW as the next president, I expect it wouldn't do to have to acknowledge the fact that he seeks to replace a man with whom he has agreed with 95% of the time, if you believe at least what the Dems themselves have said about McCain. We are talking about a 95% approval rating with a man who now has a 2/3rds majority who dissapproves of his overall job performance. You can be sure that the news media, esp. CNN don't care to probe too deeply into McCain's own history of go along to get along. Even when GW's own policies began successfully dividing the GOP and turning them against one another. McCain wants to be prez. He will pander and go along to get along to get to that office. But would he be a successful leader on day one?

While McCain flipped out at Obama stating it bluntly that McCain deliberately painted him as that scary other. McCain did in fact attempt to paint Obama as that scary other. I definitely have far more distrust of McCain at this point, his failure to demonstrate accountability and responsibility for his own campaign, than I do for Obama. And that is despite his past associations with Wright, Ayers, and etc.

Yeah, Biden brings a lot of weight and gravitas to an Obama candidacy. Better than Hillary.

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