Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The GOP lame response on Larry King

Taunt rattle and roar. I am listening to the various GOP being highly dismissive of the Dems. The America I know, thunders one, that doesn't expect gvt to take care of me from cradle to grave. Is that a fact? But gvt can take care of fetuses, correct? Business interests, correct? Religious activists, correct? That is the America that is the reality. So gvt shouldn't expect to feed and clothe everyone. But gvt does produce the regulations that governs quality products. Precisely, the drugs safe to use, the food safe to eat, the toys safe to play with, the pet food safe enough for the pets to eat. The car that falls apart on you within a short time of its being driven off the lot is not a quality product. I would definitely argue that there is a parallel reality between the GOP and the Dems at this stage, the GOP are in continuous denial that even they want lots and lots of government.

Gvt should not feed and clothe its citizens, but it can and should spy on them. Gvt should not be in the business of educating its citizens but it can however pass the costs of war (with tax cuts) to the children and grand children. Gvt should not act on the behalf of ordinary citizens facing home foreclosures but it can act on the behalf of mortgage lenders who ran amok in the field of real estate. It should not provide health care or health insurance. But it provides heavy subsidies through the form of "reformed" Medicare to the pharm and insurance companies. And what was the prospect of the GOP in Congress who first appeared on Larry King Live voted for more gvt as long as it assisted their variety of special interests?

Gvt, according to one GOP in ardent denial, was only expected to provide temporary measures during the great depression when it came to such things as Social Security. In short, those of us not born in that time of hardship, but facing one today, should be denied that safety net called Social Security because it should have been a temporary measure during the 1930s. But the GOP in denial, you can be sure he expects to have a pension and other perks for being a politician. He is guaranteed to not be denied. Well now, perhaps we should inform the guy, that he should enter political service totally on the minimum wage, $7.00 per hour. He should hold a second job just so that he can pay his own way in Washington, D.C. He should not expect to get franking privileges because of how that costs way too much money. He should not expect the taxpayers to foot the bill for his travel, that is his minimum wage salary should get him on board a commercial jet to get him to his home district at set times of the year. If he doesn't have the money to travel, too bad. After all, too much gvt starts with members of Congress voting in the hundreds of thousands, taxpaid for payraises each year. Bet you won't see a GOP member of Congress making the argument that he can do with a lot less money. That his personal wealth prior to his entering Congress is enough to see him through however long he serves in his term of office, whether 2 years or 6 years. No, he loves the taxpaid for payraises as much as does anyone else.

Then on Larry King Live, was a Roman Catholic woman who supported Hillary Clinton, whining about being "abused" by the Obama camp, even being "abused" on the blogosphere. Wow. I have my very sharp disagreements with Senator Clinton, because of how she ran a particularly nasty campaign. At the same time, I am not, as a Republican, a member of the Obama camp. And no, Obama does not have to earn the whiner's vote. She needs to grow up.

And finally, the particularly lame discussion of how "independent" Senator McCain happened to be. Well now isn't that interesting? There is no doubt about Senator McCain's voting record in which a large percentage of the time, yes actually he did support GW completely. So much so, that he angered the GOP who disagreed utterly with GW's liberalism on No Child Left Behind, Immigration reform, etc. McCain deemed a "maverick" when bucking his own party over earmarks, or the McCain/Feingold bill that reduced PAC money in political campaigns. But on the campaign trail, McCain expresses a 100% go along to get along. There is in fact no independence in thinking what so ever. What he has done as a Senator is polls apart from what he is doing now as a presidential candidate. Again, GOP in denial about the facts.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Having chosen Palin for Veep I think the Republicans have lost sight of everything except winning the Hillary vote - which I doubt Palin can get.

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

The Hillary voters, who were questioned by CNN about whether they would indeed vote for McCain since he chose Palin as his running mate said no almost to a woman. Obviously not.