Monday, August 4, 2008

Tire gauge McCain

It wasn't all that long ago when gas prices were climbing out of sight, local TV channels started broadcasting ads concerning how to increase your gas mileage. That included properly inflated tires. But just because Senator Barack Obama mentions properly inflated tires to increase the fuel efficiency in your cars. McCain does the predictable, both mocking and distorting Obama's intentions. This he does by handing out tire gauges to anyone attending his campaign. And then makes the argument that tire gauges won't assure energy independence. Okay.

So if Obama can be ridiculed for picking up on "a well-maintained car can increase your gas mileage" and running with it, then that is a ridicule that should just as quickly be aimed at local KREM TV. After all, this is the channel I watch the most when say, I want to see CSI: Miami, for example. So, was McCain right to engage in ridicule? Or was he again engaging in out of touch politics? Well thank you for the free tire gauge fellah, now I'll be able to know whether my tires are going low on air. Don't want to wear out either the rims or the brakes with tires that run too flat. See, I don't think I can afford one otherwise given the poor state of the economy. But it looks like your campaign can afford them as some kind of stupid political campaign stunt against your Dem opponent. But then, given all the pay raises and perks that your Senate career has provided you, the tire gauge looks like a gift, grudgingly given by Scrooge himself. Couldn't you have at least gold plated the tire gauge for me? Talk about your too cheap gift.

While McCain was mocking Obama, he was forgetting that the SUV is becoming a useless piece of junk because of its poor gas mileage and people with them are trying to trade them in for Priuses. And who invented the Prius? Well, not the American automakers. And who assured that Priuses would be invented, not in America? Well, John McCain, I believe. Given what Senator Obama said about him today.

While CNN had a more comprehensive discussion about this latest dust up, CBS quickly described the tit for tat between the two campaigns and then moved on. I guess they are waiting for the bloggers to do their work for them. But I again noticed that the news media, especially CBS didn't care to really question McCain's credibility when he engaged in attempts at mockery that would fall flat as a stand up comedy routine. Only McCain's opponent would do that. So if there is a referendum here anywhere, the news media seems to me to be failing to do its job in asking the necessary hard questions.
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