Wednesday, August 6, 2008

While visiting

I had just finished posting to blog at It was my reaction to Senator McCain making an utter fool of himself before a biker rally and yes, utterly humiliating his bravely smiling wife. Then, I decided to check out other blogs of interest and latched onto Texas Darlin. Seems the author comes up with some really, really kooky claims about Senator Barack Obama. The latest kooky claim is that Senator Obama has a forged birth certificate. When commenting about his particular claims, I took note of how quickly bloggers like himself were ready to trash Dan Rather over his bringing up GW's questionable Air National Guard history. To put it bluntly, they didn't want to believe a news anchor who'd trash their favorite personality cult leader, GW. So they trashed Dan Rather. Now, when it comes to 2008, they'll believe anything bad, as long as it involves a Dem Senator running for president. And even invent conspiracy theories concerning him, including it would seem a "forged birth certificate."

What was to follow, in the comments, seemed like an echo chamber of ranting hystericals or radicals. So, being the maverick and conservative Republican that I am, I threw some cold water on this hot bed of fabricating evil out of nothing. I have the privilege to not believe the people who on the one hand, believe sweetness and light about the "dear leader" (GW) and claim the devil when it comes to Senator Obama. Well excuse me, while it is likely true that Obama flips and flops. That his political career was probably never squeaky clean, he is still a man running for president. And the bloggers frothing with pure hatred about the man, may soon have to get used to the idea of his actually being president.

I had been thinking off and on about this, something that had been briefly noted on CNN: McCain as president would immediately move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. It was at this time that it hit me, the abomination of Revelations. The abomination set up in the Temple, so "John" was prepared to write. Jerusalem is the home of two temples. One is Jewish, one is Islamic. And Israel is also host to a number of churches. Obama firmly hesitated on the whole idea of moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv. There was a valid reason why, the potential for increased conflict. So what did "John" mean by abomination in the temple? If "temple" means a holy city claimed by 3 beliefs, putting a cultural influence in that "Holy City" that was alien to all three beliefs and diametrically opposed to the idea that they might finally come to some peaceful conclusion that ultimately ends the strife and conflict between them. Well, an American Embassy in Jerusalem would not in fact promote peaceful solutions to ancient religious hatreds. That, would be an abomination. And McCain as president would personally start the end of times? Remember now, the U.S. is first and foremost a capitalist country. Secondly, religiously diverse. Thirdly, has a law that is based on secular premises. In all three points of fact, the U.S. is diametrically opposed to all things Middle Eastern. Senator Barack H. Obama might be equated with the devil according to some hate-filled bloggers, but he did not advise putting an "abomination" in the temple. But McCain point of fact, had.

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