Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How quickly can you put Obama in office?

CNN it seems just can't wait for GW to leave office. In fact, months before Obama can be officially sworn into office, CNN is engaging in pure hysteria over the state of the economy (it is dismal enough) and Obama isn't providing specifics about what he will do to correct our economic woes. Excuses me, dudes; Obama isn't in office yet. And if you are in such a big hurry about showing GW the door, then you should have never given him a mostly free pass over the last 8 years.

And when we don't see that kind of whining, then there is this matter of cabinet picks. The "recycling of faces" from the past Clinton administration. Well? Wasn't a lot made about Obama's inexperience? Wouldn't there have been a lot of hell raising about his picks if he had indeed brought unknowns and don't know a damn thing people from say Chicago to run his cabinet? Or maybe, because of Chicago politics, the cabinet would have been facing questions about their associations, as Obama had already faced such questions while on the campaign trail. Literally, if Obama hadn't brought people in who were already experienced in the ways of Washington, D.C. and been criticized for it, he would be criticized for who he did pick, instead.

Which leads me to suspect that Obama has the makings of being a good president, when the news media itself, esp. CNN can't make up their minds about what they don't like most about him. Ed Henry interceded into a discussion about the dismal economy this matter of "recycled faces" in the incoming Obama administration. Not "change," of course that Henry can believe in if these people have been around the block before. No, probably not. But, if you are going to put a stimulus package into the economy to regrow infrastructure and recreate construction and etc. jobs, who do you want to best help you get such a package off the ground? Well, would it be a state treasurer from say Idaho or Alaska that knows only a small portion of the economic pie? Or would it be a guy like Volcker, or Summers who has the general experience to know what the national and international pie looks like? If your prez elect, you'd go with a guy like Volcker or Summers. And why that deserves such a thumbs down, I don't quite understand. "Change" means never having served in Washington, D.C.? When McCain decided to co-opt the "change" mantra, who among the news media and indeed the political cartoonists asked the question of a guy who served in Congress for 26 years, what sort of "change" he was bringing to Washington? In McCain's political stump speeches, it looked less like "change" and exacerbating as well as extending already entrenched GW domestic and foreign policies. But, we have already heard Obama's proposals. They are indeed a change from the last 8 years. Now, with who's help should they be implemented?

If the news media doesn't like Obama's picks as "not change enough," and this is 2 months before Obama assumes the office, then the news media isn't bound to like much of anything. Well, Ed Henry and the cast and crew of CNN; Obama is the people's choice, get used to it.

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