Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The problem in the newspapers

Terrorism struck India last week. Over our Thanksgiving holiday, the gut wrenching horror of what has been described as a well-coordinated attack in which close to 200 people, and among them Jews and Westerners, esp. Americans, died. So, did the Spokesman-Review publish editorials excoriorating the terrorists? Cal Thomas who in prior years did bleat about the unchecked growth of Islam and what (terrorists) may hide behind the walls of their mosques; well he was published as whining and whipping away about British taxes. At least, it wasn't American taxes he was having heartburn over this time. So, let us discuss what low taxes did in Great Britain, it produced a "boom" so it was said in that country as it did under Reagan. A boom? We had a recession! during Reagan's first term and a recession that ushered Bush (41) out of office in one term. We had a boom under Clinton who did indeed raise taxes. But no decrease in taxes guaranteed a stable jobs report in this nation and it sure didn't guarantee a stable economy in Great Britain either. Thomas' biggest problem now is that facts must be ushered aside in favor of a tired ideology.

After 4 November 2008, The Coeur d'Alene Press was all about allowing attack letters such as from Jesse Robbins to enter its pages. The sort of frothing, screaming, ranting in which the base line seems to be, the voters were simply too stupid when they voted for Senator Barack Obama as our new president of the U.S. After all, Obama being a Democrat and he will now push socialist policies on this country. Problem for Robbins is that he has only lived with the GOP version of socialism for the last 8 years. A gvt that doesn't trust its own people, argues that in the name of "keeping us safe" must cause us to fear and hate our neighbors, actually does not keep us safe in the most fundamental ways—to include Katrina. He could live with that, but he could not live with a gvt that might actually show compassion toward the governed. How about that.

And because the letter from Robbins had clearly gone over the line, there were at least two writers who began to argue about the need to review such letters prior to publication. Which the Spokesman-Review does, incidentally. Not all letters submitted to the Spokesman are in fact published. But, according to those writers who fault that idea, an editorial review would result in censorship. According to Larry Kettle, who engaged in infantile name calling every few words, it would be censorship. Well, where the paper's editor, Mike Patrick is concerned, Kettle for one will never have to worry that those "liberal socialists" will prevent his tantrum throwing being made public. But, I will say this, that Patrick does his paper no favors by publishing such tantrum throwing.

No letters were published regarding the horrors of terrorism in India. That is, the only letters that Patrick saw fit to print were of local concerns and those spewing vitriole about the people's choice in elected leadership. GW is still president, Obama is waiting to assume office, and we see yet again that "the war on terror," has its limits. Americans overseas were not kept safe for our "fighting them over there so that we won't fight them here." Given what even CNN called a truly sophisticated attack, how well the Islamic extremists had carried it out, I ponder the notion that what developed was certainly Al Qaeda inspired; if not Al Qaeda in origin. I understand that 6 Americans died. Where are the letters expressing outrage? Can't do that?

Patrick did manage to publish a letter rebutting Larry Kettle. Same day, same paper. A Republican, who voted for Republican candidates this time voted for Obama. She did not like Robbins' engaging in name calling because of her choice which she had the freedom to make at the polling booth. Well, by extension then, Kettle as well. Because Republicans, Independents and Democrats voted for Obama in this state of Idaho, even we conservatives have been turned into (Kettle, Robbins) "liberal socialists." No, as GW clearly said in one of his last interviews, a vote for Obama was in many cases, a repudiation of himself. Well, duh.

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