Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Digital switch over and other news

Most of the TV stations in Spokane, Washington made the digital switch over at 11:30 or so last night. I scanned for the digital channels for my HDTV in my bedroom and set for Digital only channels. Then I checked out the SDTV Sharp in the living room and took note that "Analog" no longer showed up when I hit the power button. So for the Dish Network, it is effectively no longer airing Analog signals. 12 June 2009, is the final effective cut off date for the switch over to digital TV to be complete. That's for slackards to get their act together to get either converter boxes, newer digital TVs or the most recent of HDTVs. To either connect to cable or Satellite TV. I notice there is a moment's time delay when it comes to switching from one channel to another. But, there is a cleaner signal now that stations are switching to digital. And a much muddier one as KREM continues to broadcast an analog and a digital signal. My 480i sharp has absolutely no problem picking up any of the signals, otherwise.

You have to appreciate Leonard Pitts, jr. for his republished (Spokesman-Review) opinion piece on the costs of war. The Pentagon banned photos of flag draped coffins exactly when they were used to politically slam G HW Bush back in the early 1990s. I guess that playing politics with the honored war dead wouldn't be an acceptable notion. A point that Pitts did definitely miss in his otherwise most informative column. Efforts by the news media to engage in the politics of embarrassing presidents, wouldn't be acceptable if you are the president who's the target. However, the news media was just as hasty in similar efforts at politically embarrassing Clinton. Not with flag draped coffins in this case, but rather with one live intern. That being said, Pitts does have a point about Americans waking up to the fact that war does touch us. And seeing those flag draped coffins does mean that a very real person did lose his or her life for us.

Picked up a new channel on Dish Network, Fox business. That's nice. I may be more inclined to watch that than the Politics r Us show that is supposed to be their news channel.

On Huckleberries online today, Dave Oliveria was reporting that Avista had garnered some 7 odd millions in profits over the last year. Question: that being the case, why does Avista continually demand rate hikes? Next question: why does Avista demand that rate payers pay for new equipment? Given Obama's stimulus package, which he signed yesterday, a good chunk of that package is going to energy costs savings and green technology as well as improvements in our power grids. If that major chunk of change were to be spent in those areas as advertised, Avista could be heading toward the door of bankruptcy as people start seeking windmill power, solar array panels and etc. for their own homes. The homes that can generate their own power for heat, light, and general utility usage, for what would they need Avista and 20th century power grids? At least one thought for the day.

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Stuart S said...

here in Japan..they have already introduced digital TV but they will be cutting analog in 2011...that year is coming up very quickly but I'm getting digital very soon.