Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Hate Parade

With Earl Parker, my my we have a real famous individual here, a former member of Reagan's press team. Wouldn't have known that until Mr. Parker informs us. While he is speaking derisively of President Obama's press conference—Obama only addresses certain members of the Washington, D.C. press corp. And here I thought that routinely happened. Certainly, we had presidential control and canned speeches over the few times that GW chose to hold a press conference before a press corp that was certainly docile. But, Mr. Parker wasn't sniping or guffawing at that time. Wouldn't be surprising, Mr. Parker admits to being a partisan Republican. He also takes a swipe at the stimulus package without going into details. Offering instead the same canned speech through his letter to the editor that Rep. John Boehner offered: these are all worthy projects to be sure, but they will hardly jump start the economy. So, what will? Given the fact that all prior efforts to "jump start the economy" during the GW administration caused it to instead collapse. As though the last 8 years never occurred.

Next on the list, Ray Anderson does have a legitimate beef about illegal immigrants. So do I. But on what basis does Mr. Anderson have to accuse Obama of "releasing terrorists?" He actually had not. What he did publicly order was that Guantanamo Bay, Cuba would shut down its prison there. And that those who ran it would have a year to do so. In the meantime, the cases of those who are prisoners there would be put under review and any who should receive prosecution would get it. That is not an argument of simply releasing them. Mr. Anderson is obviously anti-abortion and so I won't go there even though it was the first line of his letter. What he dwells on at greater length is an executive order from Obama's desk that enables a resettlement of Gazan residents in the U.S. Conflict victims. And with ties to Hamas. When possible, I watch CNN. As hostile as CNN often is to President Obama, were that the sort of public issue that Mr. Anderson seems to think it is, then CNN would surely have grabbed onto this obviously public record and ran it into the ground bleating endlessly about it. But, on the McLaughlin group heavily populated by such people as "Monica," Pat Buchanan and etc. with a near hysterical hatred of Obama, no mention was actually made of such an order. David Brooks with his own share of condemning words for Obama, did not mention this. Charles Krauthammer, republished on a fairly frequent basis in the Spokesman-Review, would surely have disclosed this to all of the world. Odd that he hadn't. So, on what basis does Mr. Anderson believe that Obama would actively aid Palestinians with active ties to Hamas? Because he confesses that many of his relatives are Muslim? I am a Druid, many of my relatives are Christian. I am supposed to have a more generous view of the world toward people often hostile to my belief just because they are relatives? They are hostile to my belief, that's the crux of the matter. And Obama's relatives being Muslim, are surely hostile to the idea of Obama being Christian. What Mr. Anderson does is use Obama's interview on Al Arabiya as a weapon against him. Wonder how he would have reacted if it had been GW, instead?

Esa Auten seems to have a real problem in her long and rambling letter about rights "that come from God." What our founding fathers declared in a revolutionary war document was eloquent at the time of its signing, would have assured the founding fathers' imprisonment and execution if we had not won our war against Great Britain, and was imperfectly implemented hundreds of years after the fact. Instead of Auten trying to jam her imperfect understanding of this nation's history into Obama's teeth, she should take a better look at it herself.

Linda Cook waits seven years to describe Obama using fear. And in an even more slimey manner, equates Obama promoting his stimulus package as Indian tribes driving buffalo herds off of cliffs. Wonder what Ms. Cook plans to do with the tax cuts that are supposed to show up in her paychecks a little further down the road? Say she doesn't want them, hand them back? Wonder where her voice was when the GW administration managed to use the fear of terrorism to stampeding people into buying plastic sheeting and duct tape to build "safe rooms" that wouldn't have been safe or effective? No?

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