Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Stimulus package

I had been on vacation for the last two weeks, it will officially come to an end on the 14th. And so, I have been watching plenty of news especially where it concerns the stimulus package now before Congress. Latest on CNN, seems the House Democrats now want to delay the final vote in order to read thoroughly what's in the package. Now they do, since much of what they had originally voted on got stripped out. And hadn't before, re Lou Dobb's complaints in the last few days on CNN.

Getting on Face book, it has been more of a satisfying adventure than trying to Twitter. But, it took time to set it up almost to my satisfaction. I checked out Face book because Rick Sanchez could be Twittered, Face booked and Myspaced. I checked out doing a Twitter account and trying to Twitter to a Sanchez public board, I could never be sure that to be the case. But with Face book, especially after Sanchez accepted me as a "friend," I can post on my wall and it will also appear on his. One of the hot topics of the day was of course the stimulus package. The thing is, that you can expect the suddenly we remember to be fiscally responsible GOP among Sanchez' viewing audience to post to any of the above sites. One of the fellows posting suddenly decided to jam it in my teeth when I discussed the fact that what one dude called pork still produced jobs creation. He presumed that I was from the land of fruits and nuts... LOL!... meaning California and would of course swallow anything. So I duly informed the fellow where I was from and adviced him on the fact that our Republican governor wants people to spend more in taxes and fees to balance the budget and pay for infrastructure maintenance. I don't know that I got another reply to that comment, but Facebook provides a nice notification service. Better than Twitter. And those who set up Twitter claim that it is faster and better? I don't know about that, it looks pretty clunky to me. So excuse me if this is one of my more rambling blogs. But, beyond posting comments to local blogs such as at the Spokesman-Review.
I have never before really socially networked. The fact that some of the news anchors from CNN such as Sanchez and Don Lemon will socially network with their viewers, is I think a major plus.

Back to the hot topic of the stimulus package, I can appreciate the twittered concerns from viewers that CNN elected to show where they questioned whether the stimulus package would benefit them personally. Until such a bill does get passed and signed into law, that is hard to say. Until the money from the package begins to work its way through the U.S. as various forms of investments, that is really hard to say. Those are some legitimate causes for concern, as is any pork in the bill. Where one fellow mentioned pork, I figured I should inform him that the designing and building of a Coast Guard polar icebreaking ship was probably not pork if it put people to work in the ship building industry. For anyone who has a good bit of history as to the Coast Guard fleet, I don't believe they have the most modern of fleets and could in fact use some more modern ships, better ships. Why wouldn't that prove to be a worthwhile project and not "pork." Since if it came to a submarine being built in the same fellow's district, and a GOP Senator had sponsored it, he likely wouldn't have called it pork. Same difference. At this time, if I have a big concern about the U.S. Gvt's investment in America, I'd be more concerned about misdirected funds and businesses taking money and continuing to employ anyone other than American citizens.

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